05 June 2012

Brittania Bay

Date: 12 May 2012

Location: Brittania Bay, up the West Coast

Walkers: Dorothy, Claudia, Michele, Taryn & Helen

*** Route plotted here ***

A group of us went up the West Coast for a girls' weekend away. After a delicious lunch at Paternoster we travelled on to Brittania Bay, to our holiday house right on the dunes. It was late afternoon, but there was just enough time for a quick walk on the beach.

Lots of these houses are holiday homes, most of them empty in winter.

It's a pretty little bay, with a wide flat beach, strewn with kelp.

I went down to the water's edge to feel the ocean... brr!

We'd walked east, direction Shelley Point. We were heading for the rocky outcrop at the end of the sand.

Beach flora spotted on the way:

Round rocks catching the late afternoon rays.

We walked just far enough to see Shelley Point round the corner.

And then we turned back. Such a pretty bay!

And a spectacular orange sunset.


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