05 June 2012

Summery June on Muizenberg Beach

Date: 3 June 2012

Location: Muizenberg

Walkers: Michele & Helen

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Between the cold fronts Cape Town typically has wonderful weather in June: still, crisp and clear, and surprisingly warm in the sunshine. Today was one of those days. Michele and I walked while some friends surfed.

A little plane buzzed past.

The fisherman were out trying their luck.

Snail trails on the sand...

... shells...

... even a paper nautilus (sadly not a whole one).

Even the water was warmish. We paddled!

I'd borrowed Dorothy's new toy: a Fitbug pedometer. I want one!


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Firefly said...

We've been very fortunate that except for the very cold and wet weekend we just had its been a glorious winetr so far.