23 May 2012

Kirstenboch: The Lazy Way

Date: 13 May 2012

Location: Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden

Walker: Helen

The Kirstenbosch archive is here.

I was fighting a cold but it was far too nice a day to stay indoors so I made my way to Kirstenbosch for a little sunshine and a wander around. I wasn't the only one - it was Mother's Day and the place was busy.

As usual I climbed the hill to get away from the crowds.

Spotted on the way up: pretty little diascia.

Much quieter higher up. Glorious green lawns.

I found a good spot and put down a rug. Read my book, gazed at the views. Behind me Nursery Buttress loomed.

Fragrant fynbos on the right.

And a glorious vista in front of me. Such pretty skies this time of year.


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