23 May 2012

Kloof Corner Steps: Protea Time!

6 May 2012

Table Mountain

Walkers: Helen & Brenda

For other walks on this route see the Kloof Corner archive.

Up the steps to the cliff face, and then down again. Kloof Corner is a fantastic walk in autumn... it is seldom windy and often clear, bright and sunny. And on the slopes the proteas flower.

Waxy Protea repens which comes in pink...

... and creamy yellow.

And my particular favourite, Protea lepidocarpodendron, the black-bearded protea. I like to stroke the soft fuzziness.

Not sure what this one is, maybe a leucadendron of some sort? Love the bright red tips to the green-green leaves.

And this is a very pretty and delicate glad, but I'm not sure which one.


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