31 January 2009

Jonkershoek - Part 2 (The Rivers)

Date: 27 January 2009

Location: Jonkershoek Nature Reserve, near Stellenbosch

Walkers: Dorothy, Michele, Helen, Delphi and Jo

(The first half of our day in Jonkershoek is described here.)

After a drizzly morning the sun came out and revealed the peaks.

(Photo by Michele)

First priority after our walk was a stop for lunch. We picnicked on BLTs and fruit cake on the roadside, at a small bridge.

(Photo by Michele)

After refreshments we decided to explore the stream below the bridge.

(Photo by Michele)

We wandered up the stream - it was rocky and quite overgrown.

(Photos by Michele)

There were cobbles under the bridge and a swimming hole.

(Photo by Michele)

We drove a little further on and stopped again at another stream. This one was a little bigger. We boulder-hopped upstream. It was gorgeous!

(Photos by Michele)

There was plenty to captivate our photographers' attention.

(Photo by Michele) (Photo by Delphi)

(Photos by Delphi) (Photo by Michele)

Someone had made some natural sculptures with rocks and sticks.

(Photo by Michele)

This was truly the mostly beautiful spot to spend a Tuesday afternoon.

(Photos by Michele)

We swam. The water was cold but crystal clear and wonderfully refreshing.

(Photos by Michele)

After drying off and warming up in the sunshine, we headed home.

(Photo by Delphi)

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