28 January 2009

Cape Point and Venus Pool... again

Date: 25 January 2009

Location: Cape Point, Cape Peninsula National Park

Walkers: Claudia & Richard, Michele, Dorothy, Helen, Delphi, Mer, Vanessa, Renee, Reuben and friends. And later for the swim: Tarryn, Paul & Summer

e had such good fun last time we decided to visit Cape Point again. Cars were left at the Booi se Skerm parking area as before. We set off in a southerly direction, following the path along the coast. This route took us past Black Rock, Bordjiesdrif and Buffels Bay. There were a fair number of people around: picnicking, swimming and launching boats.

We walked on over grassy banks, towards the cliffs of Cape Point. There was no-one else around this part of the reserve and it was very peaceful.

(Photo by Delphi) (Top photo by Michele)

The tide was very low and there were no waves. The sea heaved with kelp.

(Photos by Delphi)

We made our way towards the a rocky outcrop below the cliffs and took a break.

(Photos by Michele)

The view back towards Judas Peak was breathtaking.

(Photo by Michele)

We found interesting plants and animal bones between the rocks.

(Photos by Michele)

We'd walked about 5km out and could go no further along the sea-shore, so we made our way back to the cars, and then on to Venus Pool.

Because the ocean was so calm no waves were breaking into the pool like last time and it wasn't as appealing as before. However, The Cauldron was calm and very swimmable.

(Photo by Michele)

The water was crystal clear and a little chilly. Mer and I got in carefully and bobbed about in the swells, while Delphi and Dorothy swam like dolphins and used goggles to check out all the life below the surface. Dorothy declared it one of her all-time best-ever swims. It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.

(Photos by Michele)

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