17 April 2011

Mouille Point Meander

Date: 4 April 2011

Location: Mouille Point

Walker: Helen & Vanessa

Green Point Park archive here.

Vanessa and I went for a pleasant stroll along the Mouille Point Promenade and then turned into Green Point Park to see the Biodiversity Garden.

The water levels appear to have risen, the dams were full, and the wetlands garden in particular was looking wonderful.

The creepers at the picnic area will be up those trellises in no time.

The garden is starting to lose that 'just planted' feel and is looking more established and very happy indeed.

Hello wabbit.

On the way back we walked past the lighthouse.



Firefly said...

That park will be getting more and more beautiful as all the plants establish itself. We are planning a camping trip to the Cape over Christmas and New Year and will be in CT for 10 days and this will be on my list of places to visit.

Reggie said...

The Park really is amazing - particularly if you have little kids, who can go exploring and learning all about plants and insects in that beautiful biodiversity garden. And the boys, of course, can go bananas on the Green Gym exercise machines! :-)