06 April 2011

A Little Lost in Newlands Forest

Date: 2 April 2011

Location: Newlands Forest

Walkers: Michele & Helen

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Michele and I went for a late afternoon meander in Newlands Forest. We followed the main path left, then looped back, crossing the bridge over the river. Not much water around at all... we need that winter rain rather badly.

The path continued on, direction Cape Town, through the pine trees.

At the clearing we got a view of the mountain... there was cloud on the peak, and it was a rather grey day generally. Nice walking weather! We decided to follow the path a little further that we usually do here, expecting that it would loop back.

We took a path down to the right which led through an area with lovely tall trees, mostly oaks. Many trees must have been cut down here as there were large piles of logs as well.

We were expecting to meet a lower contour, or have our path veer back to the right, but it did not. In fact it continued to the left and we saw a fence on our right, separating us from Newlands Forest proper. We were a little confused and ever-so-slightly lost, but had no choice but to continue down. This route lead to a building and beyond. We didn't know where we were exactly but the trees here were spectacular.

Just as we were thinking we'd really gone astray, we came to a turnstile in the fence. Finally we could start heading in the right direction! This path lead straight down to the Newlands Picnic area.

Beyond the picnic area was the M3, and we could take the path alongside the road directly back to Newlands Forest. Yay, back to familiar territory!

This time of year March lilies, Amaryllis belladonna, flower alongside the M3 highway. Aren't they beautiful?



Caroline said...

I ALWAYS get a little lost in Newlands Forest, but somehow one finds ones way back. I just love the March lilies in the middle of the road! I have been wanting to photgraph them too but never been able to. Your walking companion looks like a very elegant lady - in the spirit of Lady Anne Barnard.

Firefly said...

At least you know if you get lost in Newlands forest you turn with the mountain to your back and keep walking straight and at some stage you will hit Cape Town again. LOL!

Reggie said...

We also often get a little lost in Newlands Forest. Paths don't always go where you expect them to go, and sometimes they double back on themselves, which is confusing. There also aren't enough - or sufficiently detailed - maps in the forest itself.

Mind you, it's always beautiful in the forest, so we don't mind getting a little lost.

Glad to see that the recent rains of July have made the streams flow nicely again!