19 February 2009

Sandy Bay

Date: 18 February 2009

Location: Sandy Bay, Llandudno

Walkers: Delphi, Marilie and Helen

We set off very late one cloudy afternoon for what was my first visit to this remote beach on the Atlantic coast.

It was a twenty minute stroll to the beach. We looked back to the mansions of Llandudno, but quickly left behind all signs of civilization.

Soon the beach was visible. The Karbonkelberg, however, was well-hidden by the low cloud. Little Lion's Head behind us wasn't to be seen either.

The beach was wild and empty: just rocks and bush, surf and sand.

The far side of the beach was full of granite boulders.

We hopped over the rocks and then followed the path up into the bush above, and made our way along this very isolated stretch of coast. We could see the rocky peninsula known as Oude Schip a couple of kms away.

The path was clear but quite over overgrown. We has to shove our way through some very thick bush. There were milkwood trees, fynbos and other fragrant coastal shrubs. Even aloes.

Sandy Bay and Llandudno were now catching the late afternoon sunshine.

As it was getting late, we turned back and returned to the beach for a swim.

(Photo above by Marilie)

And to watch the beautiful sunset.

(Photo above by Marilie)
(All other photos by Helen)

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