01 October 2012

Up Lion's Head Again

Date: 1 September 2012

Location: Lion's Head

Walkers: Michele & Helen

Archive of Lion's Head walks here.

A bright sunny spring morning, and Michele and I set off up Lion's Head.

Flowers greeted us right near the start of the walk: salmon-coloured morea.

The slopes above were like a garden... rich with flowers and bushy foliage.

We'd forgotten what a trudge the start of this walk is.

Although the views are totally worth the effort!

It was rather sad to see so many dead silver trees on the west slope.

Lots of puddles on the path from all the recent rain.

Our wet winter has been great for the fynbos though.

We continued our walk up and around the peak.

Orange chasmanthe, just starting their annual show.


And daisies galore - and other flowers - on the north-facing slopes.

We were so enjoying doing this walk again. Round the rocky cliffs...

... looking down - waaaaay down - to the car park below...

... and up the ladder on the eastern slope.

Sweet-scented agathosma in flower on the rocky slope.

More puddles on the path.

A quick climb brought us up to the plateau where we sat for a while enjoying the view and nibbling some fruit.

And then we decided to head down, passing lots of other walkers on the way. So many people! Lion's Head was a very busy mountain this morning.

Although every now and then it felt like we had the place to ourselves.

I loved the pastel shades on the lower slopes...

And we saw even more moreas alongside the path. A multitude!

And beautiful blue babianas too, soaking up the midday sunshine.


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Firefly said...

Its really something I need to make an effort to do when I'm in Cape Town. Just never had a chance