18 April 2012

Green Grass on the Promenade

Date: 12 April 2012

Location: Sea Point

Walker: Helen and Dorothy

Archive of all Prom walks here.

We had a lot of rain over Easter and Cape Town has greened up beautifully. When Dorothy and I went down to the Prom for a walk we were impressed by how lovely and lush the green lawns looked.

I've missed my regular walks along the Prom. It is good to smell the ocean at the end of the day.

This time of year the light is golden.

The public pool is on winter time, which means it is closed by 5pm. After hours it is a playground for gulls.

As we looked out to the setting sun Dorothy spotted a whale blowing.


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Firefly the Travel Guy said...

We also had a lot of rain over Easter so PE is looking good as well. I agree with you. The light this time of year is so much better than in summer.