22 October 2011

Colour in the Biodiversity Garden

15 October 2011

Location: Green Point

Walkers: Brenda & Helen

For more walks here look at the Biodiversity Garden archive, here.

Brenda and I have planned to walk on Table Mountain but the city bowl as blustery and drizzly. So we drove round to Green Point and went to have a look at the Biodiversity Garden instead. It was looking absolutely lovely!

I love the beds in this garden, particularly the mix of textures and colours, and also the grey foliage. I can't believe the garden was only planted last year. It is already looking so established.

After seeing the flowers we walked on to the promenade and walked a bit more beside the sea.

There is a new public art installation here: the white horses. Rather fun.

By the time we headed back the clouds had cleared and it was sunny again.



Firefly said...

Thats the beauty of Cape Town. Even when you can't go far there is a wonderful walk to do. Pity not a lot of Cape Townians make use of it.

Louuisette said...

Wonderfull place cap town, congratulation good job, index walks well done, best regard from Belgium