16 August 2009

Kleinbaai Stroll

Date: 8 August 2009

Location: Kleinbaai

Walkers: Dorothy, Michele & Helen

**** Route plotted here ****

A group of us went out to Kleinbaai (small town on the east coast, near Gansbaai) for the long weekend. Us early arrivals took a stroll from our house to the harbour.

There a grassy strip of public land along the shore, perfect for slow ambles.

It was a beautiful crisp and sunny afternoon. The orange gazanias were just beginning to close for the day. Some boys were mucking about in the tidal pool, making the most of the glorious winter weather.

A lot of the houses in Kleinbaai are holiday homes. Many were empty.

We made our way to the small harbour. We watched the local kids fishing off the harbour wall. And we also looked at the boats. Kleinbaai is a good spot for seeing great white sharks and shark cage-diving is a very popular toursist attraction.

(Photos by Helen)

Unfortunately this was the only walk I did in Kleinbaai as the next morning I woke up feeling ill. Struck down by the 'flu! The holiday was cut short and I spent a full week sick in bed, taking my medicine and resting. Although I've mostly recovered, a cough and tight wheezy chest linger on, and I won't be able to tackle any long walks just yet. Boo!

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